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Joe Ferraro
Joe Ferraro  


I have worked with dogs and studied canine behavior for more than 25 years. I owned my first dog when I was five years old. Whether your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, showing signs of aggression, or making too many of their own decisions, my program offers a careful combination of obedience training, behavior modification and compassion.   













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Customer Comments:


Joe did a remarkable job training my dog. I didn't think he (my dog) would ever be able to behave! Thank you for your patience with me and Buster...Denise D


Thank you for helping us.  With your easy instructions and commands, we were able to make a change in our pet!...Joan C.


What a difference a well trained dog is!  Who knew what a little obedience training can do...Mary M.


Honestly, I was ready to give up "Tom", I'm glad I didn't because I have the dog I always wanted...Mark T.


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Our positive reinforcement training methods at K9 Academy New England will improve your relationship with your canine.  Our training is fun and we get results.  We train a variety of breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to German Shepherds.  We will teach you about the way your dog thinks.  All owners consider their canines as a member of their family.  Our goal is to increase the bond you have with your dog. 



After completing the training with us, your dog will have good manners and will be a better companion.  K9 Academy New England is devoted to our clients and the needs of their dogs.


Joe Ferraro Linda Ferraro
Joe Ferraro, Certified Trainer & Proprietor Linda Ferraro, Office Manager & Proprietor



Certifications and Training Experience 

police dog training1985 – 2005  Certified animal behaviorist through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Search & Rescue and Obedience Training; Department of Environmental Management Forest & Parks - Police Dog Training  


german shepherd


2000 – 2002  Two year certification from the Dog House Training Center in Salem, MA



International Association of Canine Professionals









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Joe Ferraro
Certified Trainer & Proprietor
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Linda Ferraro
Office Manager & Proprietor