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Tips from the Trainer

Pack Leader  


tee with3 dogsAs a pack leader, follow through with each & every command you give your dog. When your dog knows a command and chooses not to do it, you are being outranked. Dogs who learn to ignore their owners also learn dominance, and dominance can lead to aggression. Your dog will respect you as the Alpha if you display proper leadership. Without that, he/she will try to be the leader. Show your dog that you are the leader by being the one in control. They just need to know where they are in the pack, and know who the leader is. Maintain proper rank and you will have a happy life together that is full of mutual respect.  You need to be 100% consistent.




To human beings crates or pens are considered a jail cell. To dogs they are a safe place where he/she can be alone and no one will bother him/her while chewing a treat or sleeping. Dogs are den animals and like the comfort and security a crate offers them. Once a dog is properly introduced to a crate there is no end to its uses. From time-outs to potty training crates are useful and humane tools with which to train your dog.



For the first year of your dog’s life, he/she should be socialized with 70 different places, 70 different people and 70 different dogs.  For example: Walking your dog on a sidewalk on a busy street with traffic, dog parks, pet stores and even certain Home Depots (check with your local Home Depot, as each store may have different rules).






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Boxer Buddies

Breeder – German Shepherds

Pet Supplies Plus

630 Fellsway/Rt. 28

Medford, MA 02155



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VCA Lynnfield Animal Hospital

1 Bay State Road

Lynnfield MA 01940

Northeast Animal Shelter

347 Highland Ave.

Salem, MA 01970

978 745-9888


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The American Kennel Association

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



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